Revival Letterpress was founded by Matthew Hiller in 2011 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Grown from a passion for design, machinery, and the letterpress aesthetic, the company strives to create pieces of value, using the best materials possible, with the dedication and care inherent to hand-craftsmanship.

Now in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Revival Letterpress creates custom business cards, wedding stationary, show posters, and packaging solutions for individuals, creatives, small businesses, and other printers. Primarily engaged in job printing, the main goal is the creation of timeless print work which speaks loudly of tradition and gives a nod to modern design sensibilities.

The endurance of letterpress printing lives in the simplicity of the machines from which it is created. The presses themselves, characterized by reliability, sustainability, and old-world charm, elicit values of quality and beauty - values that counter our current age of cheapness and instant gratification and speak to a time where these necessities were expected commonplace.